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Thursday, October 21, 2010

random shots from a wedding.

i recently attended my aunt's wedding at KLGCC ( Kuala Lumpur Gold Country Club) which gave me a huge opportunity to practice on night and candid shots. i couldn't find much random or tiny object to snap pictures of, so these are all that i found. 

a chandelier at the drop-point in front of the club-house

from a different angle.

flower deco in the ballroom.

unfinished red wine

congratulations Su Ven :)

and once again i'm really sorry for the hiatus. and this time i might be on an even longer one :( [i havent been taking my camera around for pictures].i've been lazy + busy at the same time. but i'll try to make it up to you guys. till then, bye.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

random random random.

hey awesome people :D

for this post, i'll be featuring random shots ( which is my favourite type of photography ). okay fine its not really a type of photography, but i'm referring to the subjects. it's just..random! i see something i like, i snap :) so here they are!

you'll find this dude on my bag. touch my bag and he kicks your ass :P

blackout = good photos :)

my Canon lens cover on Joanne's laptop.

and on my jeans. :O

one of the favourite pastimes after college.

Joash's break. 

and after all that, teh-ais for a break :)

so be random! see random stuff, snap random stuff! thanks for viewing, awesome people :D!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

more kuala lumpur!

forgot that i've got more Kuala Lumpur pictures to share with you awesome people :) and sorry for the slow updating too  :P

at the taxi stand at Kepong KTM station, heading downtown.

local street beggar.

i was having Macdonalds with my college-mates at Bukit Bintang when i saw this girl taking street shots. so i shot her :D

night fell upon Kuala Lumpur! and Pavilion shopping centre was majestically bright and colourful :) this boy seems to be super attracted to the fountain :)

cars flooding the streets on a Saturday night.

 an out-of-focus shot on the lights of Kuala Lumpur :) a.k.a to most Malaysians, a "bokeh" shot :D

i haven't been taking pictures lately because i've been busy with college, but i'll try my best to continue taking pictures, for the sake of you awesome readers :D. wish me luck :)