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Friday, November 26, 2010

Laundry Festival ( AHM )

hey sorry it's been long, I've been putting this post of for quite some time already. kept it in draft for around 2 weeks already i think. so yea gonna post it up now. I went for Laundry Festival at the Curve around like..3 weeks ago? Haha! yes i'm lazy like this. Anyway, went there to watch some performances by some of our local indie bands. As for this post, I feature "An Honest Mistake", a really really good band :) so check out the pics! 

rockin it out!

An Honest Mistake's lead guitarist and vocals. Darren Teh.


Darren Teh : Guitarist

Kevin Tan : Bassist

Baldwin Chua : Keyboards/Synth

Leonard Chua : Guitarist

Sheryl Goh : Vocals

Kevin Theng : Drummer. 

they put up an awesome performance that night. looking forward to more of their gigs! till then, stay tuned :D! 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

chaochao :D!

i was walking back to my car at DPC when i came across something furry...
a chaochao! and damn its fur is super fluffy! (its so fluffy you're gonna die ;D ) but it keeps showing me emo-faces :( but who cares :P 

 "when's dinner? :( "

finally got the chance to get out and snap some pics, so yeap. finally more stuff to add to this blog haha! but thats all for this post ;)