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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

when i first started out (part 2)

so i started having the habit of bringing my camera everywhere i went, in case i come across a good photo opportunity. i took these photos in my grandma's home.

a bug climbing up my grandma's plant.

grandma's rooster carved pewter chopsticks. For display only :P

macro shot of an ant on the wall.

then i got back home and continued my scavenge for more objects to snap :)

my Casio keyboard.

my trusty Sony Ericsson W660i

random puppy doll.

tennis ball meets random puppy doll.

teddy bear from IKEA.


Monday, August 30, 2010

when i first started out.

i first started out with a Sanyo Xacti 6.0 mega-pixel compact camera. it was a birthday present for my 16th birthday. since my family did not own a single digital camera, i was the first to get one.

It wasn't until one day i discovered that my camera had manual focus. i randomly took a picture with 1cm focus and that's when i started developing my interest in photography. so there i went trying to snap pictures of almost everything i had :P these are a few of my first photographs.

one of my necklaces.

an ace of spade card. this was the first picture i took.

a pair of black dices from my Cluedo set.

the cards are arranged to spell "LOVE" if you notice. the value added up is 21 ;)

a smiley drawn on my cap. it was a birthday present from a friend.
i'll update more pictures on future posts. keep viewing :)


the start of everything.

welcome to my photography blog :)

i'm Kien Lam, but people address me as Kien more often. I'm a college student pursuing a diploma in mass communications (broadcast communication). I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :)

Photography have always been one of my interests although i'm much more dedicated to music. One of my favourite hobbies of all times. So yea, this blog is basically going to consist of my photo work. I'll upload the first post when i have time to spare.