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Monday, August 30, 2010

when i first started out.

i first started out with a Sanyo Xacti 6.0 mega-pixel compact camera. it was a birthday present for my 16th birthday. since my family did not own a single digital camera, i was the first to get one.

It wasn't until one day i discovered that my camera had manual focus. i randomly took a picture with 1cm focus and that's when i started developing my interest in photography. so there i went trying to snap pictures of almost everything i had :P these are a few of my first photographs.

one of my necklaces.

an ace of spade card. this was the first picture i took.

a pair of black dices from my Cluedo set.

the cards are arranged to spell "LOVE" if you notice. the value added up is 21 ;)

a smiley drawn on my cap. it was a birthday present from a friend.
i'll update more pictures on future posts. keep viewing :)


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