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Saturday, February 5, 2011

more cats :D!

was out having lunch with my friends when this cat came over to our table. with cute eyes begging for food haha. i didnt feed him in the end, cause i didn't order anything :/

enjoy the cat? LOL

not much of a difference since the cat was day dreaming at 1 direction. just sharing :) 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

of meatballs, cake and snake!

went out to meet Sam and Vic the other day at Ikea for lunch and to get a CD of photos. seriously, Ikea has the best meatballs EVER! just look at it! don't read this if you're hungry though :P 

10 pieces :D!

and they have the utmost delicious cake! daim cake! the chocolate is damn damn damn damn damn good! i'd eat a full cake! only at RM5. DAYUM!!! thanks Sam for introducing it to me now :D 

so yea we walked around and went over to Ikano to....walk around even more. visited the pet shop at the top floor, i sneaked a picture at the Reptile section :D check this little guy out! 

pretty! i wanna get a snake now haha! they we're selling an anaconda. hmmmmmmm :) 

that's all for now! happy chinese new year to you guys btw! i'll try to get some chinese new year shots. cultural and festive pics :D! till then, bye!