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Friday, December 31, 2010

hello 2011 :) happy new year everyone!

and time passes by just like that. seriously, has it already been a year? that quick? i guess time really does fly haha.

i've enjoy my 2010. there were lots of ups and downs, but overall , it was one of my best years. first year entering college, meeting new people, loads of going out and stuff. i really enjoyed 2010 :) and now its time to welcome 2011 for an awesome year ahead! 

went for the countdown at Desapark City. as expected, filled with tons of people. met up a few friends and waited for the fireworks. almost all of Kepong was there, i think. here are some of the shots i personally like. enjoy :) and have a happy new year. 

bokeh never fails to amaze me :) 

so i hope everyone that everyone will have an awesome year ahead. till the next post, bye! 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

college puppies :D

so my classmates and i were walking to class when we spotted 2 puppies wondering around in front of a lecture hall. their parents were nearby but didn't protect them, so we played with them haha :P cute lil guys! 

i call him TARC Puppy 1 :P


brothers :)

couldn't snap more shots cause we were actually late for class at that moment :P 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

finally some more random!

sorry for not posting for a looong time. anyway here's some more random photos :)

white roses at Fullhouse

Dessert anyone? ;)

random decorations


small plant thingy ._.

and then i got some pics at Pavilion too :P

its Snoop Dog yo!

merry christmas ya'all :)

random dude spacing out. haha.

come back soon for more randoms :)


Friday, November 26, 2010

Laundry Festival ( AHM )

hey sorry it's been long, I've been putting this post of for quite some time already. kept it in draft for around 2 weeks already i think. so yea gonna post it up now. I went for Laundry Festival at the Curve around like..3 weeks ago? Haha! yes i'm lazy like this. Anyway, went there to watch some performances by some of our local indie bands. As for this post, I feature "An Honest Mistake", a really really good band :) so check out the pics! 

rockin it out!

An Honest Mistake's lead guitarist and vocals. Darren Teh.


Darren Teh : Guitarist

Kevin Tan : Bassist

Baldwin Chua : Keyboards/Synth

Leonard Chua : Guitarist

Sheryl Goh : Vocals

Kevin Theng : Drummer. 

they put up an awesome performance that night. looking forward to more of their gigs! till then, stay tuned :D! 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

chaochao :D!

i was walking back to my car at DPC when i came across something furry...
a chaochao! and damn its fur is super fluffy! (its so fluffy you're gonna die ;D ) but it keeps showing me emo-faces :( but who cares :P 

 "when's dinner? :( "

finally got the chance to get out and snap some pics, so yeap. finally more stuff to add to this blog haha! but thats all for this post ;)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

random shots from a wedding.

i recently attended my aunt's wedding at KLGCC ( Kuala Lumpur Gold Country Club) which gave me a huge opportunity to practice on night and candid shots. i couldn't find much random or tiny object to snap pictures of, so these are all that i found. 

a chandelier at the drop-point in front of the club-house

from a different angle.

flower deco in the ballroom.

unfinished red wine

congratulations Su Ven :)

and once again i'm really sorry for the hiatus. and this time i might be on an even longer one :( [i havent been taking my camera around for pictures].i've been lazy + busy at the same time. but i'll try to make it up to you guys. till then, bye.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

random random random.

hey awesome people :D

for this post, i'll be featuring random shots ( which is my favourite type of photography ). okay fine its not really a type of photography, but i'm referring to the subjects. it's just..random! i see something i like, i snap :) so here they are!

you'll find this dude on my bag. touch my bag and he kicks your ass :P

blackout = good photos :)

my Canon lens cover on Joanne's laptop.

and on my jeans. :O

one of the favourite pastimes after college.

Joash's break. 

and after all that, teh-ais for a break :)

so be random! see random stuff, snap random stuff! thanks for viewing, awesome people :D!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

more kuala lumpur!

forgot that i've got more Kuala Lumpur pictures to share with you awesome people :) and sorry for the slow updating too  :P

at the taxi stand at Kepong KTM station, heading downtown.

local street beggar.

i was having Macdonalds with my college-mates at Bukit Bintang when i saw this girl taking street shots. so i shot her :D

night fell upon Kuala Lumpur! and Pavilion shopping centre was majestically bright and colourful :) this boy seems to be super attracted to the fountain :)

cars flooding the streets on a Saturday night.

 an out-of-focus shot on the lights of Kuala Lumpur :) a.k.a to most Malaysians, a "bokeh" shot :D

i haven't been taking pictures lately because i've been busy with college, but i'll try my best to continue taking pictures, for the sake of you awesome readers :D. wish me luck :)


Thursday, September 30, 2010

trains and kuala lumpur :)

one of my ways of finding good pictures to take is a trip downtown in the train :) i did this 2-3 times already, and i've actually managed to get some pics :D here they are :

you'll probably spot this dude in KL Central station. he's always there playing his guitar to entertain by-passers.

 stopped by at the Macdonalds at KL Central for breakfast and i spotted this kid having breakfast with his grandparents. here's how he drinks his ice milo :)

snapped this while standing at the front of a LRT. ignore the reflections :D

the tracks.

poster of a missing kid at the platforms. still not found till now :/

straight shot down from the front of a LRT. can you guess if this is a 2 carriage or 4 carriage LRT? :)

was walking around and saw this the Jalur Gemilang standing out among greeneries. yea i kinda <3 Malaysia :)

view of the city from the train platform :D

view of the city from the front of a LRT...again. 

so if you want good pictures, grab a friend, grab your camera and hit the train station :) you'll never know what pictures you might snap. peace out :D