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Thursday, September 30, 2010

trains and kuala lumpur :)

one of my ways of finding good pictures to take is a trip downtown in the train :) i did this 2-3 times already, and i've actually managed to get some pics :D here they are :

you'll probably spot this dude in KL Central station. he's always there playing his guitar to entertain by-passers.

 stopped by at the Macdonalds at KL Central for breakfast and i spotted this kid having breakfast with his grandparents. here's how he drinks his ice milo :)

snapped this while standing at the front of a LRT. ignore the reflections :D

the tracks.

poster of a missing kid at the platforms. still not found till now :/

straight shot down from the front of a LRT. can you guess if this is a 2 carriage or 4 carriage LRT? :)

was walking around and saw this the Jalur Gemilang standing out among greeneries. yea i kinda <3 Malaysia :)

view of the city from the train platform :D

view of the city from the front of a LRT...again. 

so if you want good pictures, grab a friend, grab your camera and hit the train station :) you'll never know what pictures you might snap. peace out :D


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  1. love it :)gud composition! Juz can said photography is a way of feeling,of touching, of loving~