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Thursday, September 23, 2010

its raining cats and dogs :O! (literally ;P)

there's one thing i like about taking pictures of animals. they don't complain about how they look in the picture and they don't cover their faces or point at you and say, "get that f**king camera away from my face". in fact, they'll just bite. LOL!

okay maybe i won't be dumb enough to go near an animal that i knew would bite me. i've been snapping around as usual for random uber looking objects or vintage looking sceneries..of sort. but instead i came across some domestic friends :)

this fella here..i do not know her name :) she's the cat that you would have probably seen roaming around if you study at Tunku Abdul Rahman College. super tame, because she lives in the college and is very comfortable with people :) i was sitting at the college field watching a friend's football match when she walked over and sat right next to me. hence, this picture :) i call her CC, short for College Cat. LOL

and on the other day, i found her lurking around the canteen. i had some fresh milk, so i poured it out on a plastic cup cover to give her a drink. she was busy jumping from table to table,eating up leftovers. after finishing the milk, she gave me this face ._.
(how did the colour of her eyes change?!) ._.

well thats cats for me. next we have man's best friend :D

introducing, Snowee (left) and Hunter (right).

Hunter belongs to a friend of mine. he was purchased by my friend's dad from a breeder. siberian husky breed :) and white too! my friend invite a few of us to Desapark City for a walk because he wanted to bring Hunter out for a walk too. Hunter was only 3 weeks old during that walk. 

the larger husky belongs to a random jogger who was jogging by and caught attention on Hunter. so she let Snowee and Hunter get to know each other. so much in common between the two dogs :D

i like the ring shaped pattern on Hunter's eyes :)

a "kiss" for a new friend. :) aww

a friend of mine holding up Hunter for a picture. 

(*gasp**choke* :P ) < Hunter's expression. :D

playful and active lil pup he is. and his fur is super soft! exactly like cotton lol. its a good thing i snapped his pics as a pup. the next time i see him he'd probably be as huge as Snowee already. i wished i had a dog :(

so what about you guys? do you prefer a cat or a dog? or do you have one to share about? let me know at the comments section below :) thanks for viewing, gbye :)