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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when i first started out (part 6) [ Hong Kong / Shenzhen trip ]

soooo sorry about the hiatus :P its my semester break and i've been...on a break xD! been extremely lazy, but i should finish up something i started. so here!

last year after my SPM Examinations, i went on a vacation with my family to Hong Kong and Shenzhen :D! for me, it was an awesome vacation. here's some of my work that i managed to take while i was there.

KLIA, our main airport.

one of the streets in Hong Kong. bought my current backpack here. costs around rm80 after my grandma bargained like she as if she was a local LOL!

night time! the building on the left was the hotel i stayed in.

a Bruce Lee statue at the Avenue of Stars.

Now this place is awesome! The Avenue of Stars. you'll see handprints of celebrities on the pavements and overlooking the ocean you'll see buildings lighted up in bright and colourful lights on the other island of Hong Kong.

night view from one of the hills, can't remember the name :P

and then it was day 2! we went for Hong Kong Disneyland xD

on the floor, you'll find lots of these, haha.

this fountain was at the main entrance. the surfing Mickey would actually move up and down with the water :O


the famous Disney Castle.

Disney style street lamp on a wall.

the castle during night time. they had fireworks :O i recorded it, so you can watch it here >

the next day we we're on more tours, so here's more photos.

while i was on a boat ride. you'll see many expensive boats parked here owned my celebrities and rich men. there are also locals who still stay on boat houses in this area.

our boatman and his dog.

view of Hong Kong in the morning.

notice the tall building on the right. that's one of the tallest building in Hong Kong, don't know where it stands among international standards though :P

forgot what this majestic looking golden flower is and why is it the symbol of the country, but i think it's something to do with the independence between Hong Kong and China. p.s. this place was freaking windy and cold despite the blaring sun!

so i'll update my Shenzhen post soon. till then, bye :D


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