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Friday, September 17, 2010

when i first started out (part 7) [ Hong Kong / Shenzhen trip ]

so as i promised, this is the Shenzhen part of my previous post. didn't snap many nice pictures here, but anyway here it is:

Busy shopping district in Shenzhen. Lots of China branded shops.

straight to the main attraction in Shenzhen. there's this place called Windows Of The World. its basically a place where it consists of miniatures of monuments and wonders of the world. though its suppose to be a miniature....its actually kinda huge, for some of the monuments.

this isn't a life-size hallway, its the hallway of a miniature Angkor Wat :D

the Taj Mahal. this miniature was as big as a small bungalow.

entering the Japanese area. Cherry blossoms/ sakura trees everywhere.

Antique looking pillar of a wooden souvenir shop.

mini geisha dolls.

now this is the main thing. the miniature Eiffel Tower which isn't so mini size LOL. freaking huge, but not as huge as the original.

Christmas was a few days away, so they had a tree set-up :) artificial snow edited into it :D

see what i mean about the size of the tower?

random rose.

miniature horses :O

probably the most boring pictures and post here, but what the hell xD. will update as soon as possible again! stay tuned :P


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