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Monday, September 6, 2010

when i first started out (part 3).

so now that i've figured out how to use my Sanyo properly, i headed to the nearest nicest place i could go to, Desapark City. its a gated community near my area, with a small lake and park. cycled there and took a few shots like these:

i took this picture by holding the camera just slightly above the water. scary :P

a tree in the middle of the park

was bending down when i saw this view, so i snapped :)

i also took some shots at my old tuition centre! i brought my camera because i knew that the place was kinda vintage,so...

Jalan Development, Kepong.

Cekap Tuition Centre xD

and while i was waiting for my dad to come pick me up after class, there was this stray dog standing right next to me. next thing u know i took out my camera :D

was trying to get it to look up, owh well.

i bent down to snap a pic and he came walking towards me. thus, i got this :D

wait for more updates to come! and once im done with the photos from my Sanyo, it'll be my Canon EOS 550D in no time :)



  1. i like the Cekap Tuition Centre! ada feel ;D

  2. @munn : haha thanks :P old picture haha.