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Monday, September 20, 2010

and here's where we start new :)

and finally i've uploaded (almost) all of my work from my Sanyo compact digital camera. from here on it's just gonna be pictures from my current "weapon", my CANON EOS 550D :)

i got this camera for 2 reasons actually. Firstly, my hobby. i love photography and the type i love most is macro (to be honest). i love how small objects can look so amazing and meaningful in pictures. but i still do take scenery, potrait and some other types of photos. besides, i'm still learning, right? :)

secondly, for college. i'll be having photography as a subject in Semester 3, where this camera comes in really handy :)

so here's a few pictures i've snapped ever since i got my Canon. shots taken from Desapark City.

the sunset at Desapark City.

view of the lake during night time.

another night-time lake view, from a different side of the lake.

i wouldn't mind walking here all night :)

stay tuned for more photos. peace out :D


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  1. " what settings did you use for this photos? we've got the same camera, but it's really hard for me to took some no flash photography or night photography