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Thursday, September 30, 2010

trains and kuala lumpur :)

one of my ways of finding good pictures to take is a trip downtown in the train :) i did this 2-3 times already, and i've actually managed to get some pics :D here they are :

you'll probably spot this dude in KL Central station. he's always there playing his guitar to entertain by-passers.

 stopped by at the Macdonalds at KL Central for breakfast and i spotted this kid having breakfast with his grandparents. here's how he drinks his ice milo :)

snapped this while standing at the front of a LRT. ignore the reflections :D

the tracks.

poster of a missing kid at the platforms. still not found till now :/

straight shot down from the front of a LRT. can you guess if this is a 2 carriage or 4 carriage LRT? :)

was walking around and saw this the Jalur Gemilang standing out among greeneries. yea i kinda <3 Malaysia :)

view of the city from the train platform :D

view of the city from the front of a LRT...again. 

so if you want good pictures, grab a friend, grab your camera and hit the train station :) you'll never know what pictures you might snap. peace out :D


Thursday, September 23, 2010

its raining cats and dogs :O! (literally ;P)

there's one thing i like about taking pictures of animals. they don't complain about how they look in the picture and they don't cover their faces or point at you and say, "get that f**king camera away from my face". in fact, they'll just bite. LOL!

okay maybe i won't be dumb enough to go near an animal that i knew would bite me. i've been snapping around as usual for random uber looking objects or vintage looking sceneries..of sort. but instead i came across some domestic friends :)

this fella here..i do not know her name :) she's the cat that you would have probably seen roaming around if you study at Tunku Abdul Rahman College. super tame, because she lives in the college and is very comfortable with people :) i was sitting at the college field watching a friend's football match when she walked over and sat right next to me. hence, this picture :) i call her CC, short for College Cat. LOL

and on the other day, i found her lurking around the canteen. i had some fresh milk, so i poured it out on a plastic cup cover to give her a drink. she was busy jumping from table to table,eating up leftovers. after finishing the milk, she gave me this face ._.
(how did the colour of her eyes change?!) ._.

well thats cats for me. next we have man's best friend :D

introducing, Snowee (left) and Hunter (right).

Hunter belongs to a friend of mine. he was purchased by my friend's dad from a breeder. siberian husky breed :) and white too! my friend invite a few of us to Desapark City for a walk because he wanted to bring Hunter out for a walk too. Hunter was only 3 weeks old during that walk. 

the larger husky belongs to a random jogger who was jogging by and caught attention on Hunter. so she let Snowee and Hunter get to know each other. so much in common between the two dogs :D

i like the ring shaped pattern on Hunter's eyes :)

a "kiss" for a new friend. :) aww

a friend of mine holding up Hunter for a picture. 

(*gasp**choke* :P ) < Hunter's expression. :D

playful and active lil pup he is. and his fur is super soft! exactly like cotton lol. its a good thing i snapped his pics as a pup. the next time i see him he'd probably be as huge as Snowee already. i wished i had a dog :(

so what about you guys? do you prefer a cat or a dog? or do you have one to share about? let me know at the comments section below :) thanks for viewing, gbye :)


Monday, September 20, 2010

and here's where we start new :)

and finally i've uploaded (almost) all of my work from my Sanyo compact digital camera. from here on it's just gonna be pictures from my current "weapon", my CANON EOS 550D :)

i got this camera for 2 reasons actually. Firstly, my hobby. i love photography and the type i love most is macro (to be honest). i love how small objects can look so amazing and meaningful in pictures. but i still do take scenery, potrait and some other types of photos. besides, i'm still learning, right? :)

secondly, for college. i'll be having photography as a subject in Semester 3, where this camera comes in really handy :)

so here's a few pictures i've snapped ever since i got my Canon. shots taken from Desapark City.

the sunset at Desapark City.

view of the lake during night time.

another night-time lake view, from a different side of the lake.

i wouldn't mind walking here all night :)

stay tuned for more photos. peace out :D


Friday, September 17, 2010

when i first started out (part 7) [ Hong Kong / Shenzhen trip ]

so as i promised, this is the Shenzhen part of my previous post. didn't snap many nice pictures here, but anyway here it is:

Busy shopping district in Shenzhen. Lots of China branded shops.

straight to the main attraction in Shenzhen. there's this place called Windows Of The World. its basically a place where it consists of miniatures of monuments and wonders of the world. though its suppose to be a miniature....its actually kinda huge, for some of the monuments.

this isn't a life-size hallway, its the hallway of a miniature Angkor Wat :D

the Taj Mahal. this miniature was as big as a small bungalow.

entering the Japanese area. Cherry blossoms/ sakura trees everywhere.

Antique looking pillar of a wooden souvenir shop.

mini geisha dolls.

now this is the main thing. the miniature Eiffel Tower which isn't so mini size LOL. freaking huge, but not as huge as the original.

Christmas was a few days away, so they had a tree set-up :) artificial snow edited into it :D

see what i mean about the size of the tower?

random rose.

miniature horses :O

probably the most boring pictures and post here, but what the hell xD. will update as soon as possible again! stay tuned :P


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when i first started out (part 6) [ Hong Kong / Shenzhen trip ]

soooo sorry about the hiatus :P its my semester break and i've been...on a break xD! been extremely lazy, but i should finish up something i started. so here!

last year after my SPM Examinations, i went on a vacation with my family to Hong Kong and Shenzhen :D! for me, it was an awesome vacation. here's some of my work that i managed to take while i was there.

KLIA, our main airport.

one of the streets in Hong Kong. bought my current backpack here. costs around rm80 after my grandma bargained like she as if she was a local LOL!

night time! the building on the left was the hotel i stayed in.

a Bruce Lee statue at the Avenue of Stars.

Now this place is awesome! The Avenue of Stars. you'll see handprints of celebrities on the pavements and overlooking the ocean you'll see buildings lighted up in bright and colourful lights on the other island of Hong Kong.

night view from one of the hills, can't remember the name :P

and then it was day 2! we went for Hong Kong Disneyland xD

on the floor, you'll find lots of these, haha.

this fountain was at the main entrance. the surfing Mickey would actually move up and down with the water :O


the famous Disney Castle.

Disney style street lamp on a wall.

the castle during night time. they had fireworks :O i recorded it, so you can watch it here >

the next day we we're on more tours, so here's more photos.

while i was on a boat ride. you'll see many expensive boats parked here owned my celebrities and rich men. there are also locals who still stay on boat houses in this area.

our boatman and his dog.

view of Hong Kong in the morning.

notice the tall building on the right. that's one of the tallest building in Hong Kong, don't know where it stands among international standards though :P

forgot what this majestic looking golden flower is and why is it the symbol of the country, but i think it's something to do with the independence between Hong Kong and China. p.s. this place was freaking windy and cold despite the blaring sun!

so i'll update my Shenzhen post soon. till then, bye :D