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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when i first started out (part 4)

like all the previous posts, here are more photos that i snapped with my Sanyo digicam and slightly edit.

my sister's doll doggy in my parent's room.

this was my secondary school, SMK Kepong Baru. the editing is a bit too much and the light is over exposed, but i managed to win a 4GB Kingston thumbdrive with this picture in a Facebook competition :)

some random sketching on one of the school tables. took this during choir practice.

one of the many signboards you'll see in Kepong

and then i was out cycling again, looking for more photos to snap.

Desapark City again, the rocky river. was teaching a friend how to take pictures with her DSLR.

spotted this red Indocafe Volkswagen on my way home.

common Malaysian cat.

empty road at the bottom of the slope where my house is. editing a bit too much too, but i was a starter at that time.

the next pic was taken much further in the future, after my SPM examinations. you'll noticed that i started putting signatures on my photos already. i worked part-time at a Secret Recipe branch in Desapark City. my colleague made coffee and there were extras. he poured it into those small cups that you pour milk in when customers want a little bit of milk for their coffee. so..

till the next post, bye!


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