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Friday, December 31, 2010

hello 2011 :) happy new year everyone!

and time passes by just like that. seriously, has it already been a year? that quick? i guess time really does fly haha.

i've enjoy my 2010. there were lots of ups and downs, but overall , it was one of my best years. first year entering college, meeting new people, loads of going out and stuff. i really enjoyed 2010 :) and now its time to welcome 2011 for an awesome year ahead! 

went for the countdown at Desapark City. as expected, filled with tons of people. met up a few friends and waited for the fireworks. almost all of Kepong was there, i think. here are some of the shots i personally like. enjoy :) and have a happy new year. 

bokeh never fails to amaze me :) 

so i hope everyone that everyone will have an awesome year ahead. till the next post, bye! 


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